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Lithuanian Research Institutions

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Academy of Cultural Heritage
Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies
Association of the Advancement of Baltic Studies
Association of Lithuanian Serials
Baltic Agricultural Pollution Run-off Reduction Program
Baltic Society for Parasitology
CESFA - Self-Formation Development Center in Lithuania
Consultus Magnus - market research, feesibility studies
Eksponente - innovation studio
Energenas - commercialization of science projects, investing in inventions
Europarama - consulting on EU RTD projects in Lithuania
Kaunas High and Information Technology Park
Klaipeda Science and Technology Park
KUT Innovation Center
Lithuanian Innovation Center
Lithuanian Association of Nonlinear Analysts
Lithuanian Scientific Society, infocenter Mokslo Lietuva
Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Library of the Academy, neuroscientists in the world
Lithuanian Society of Young Researchers
Lithuanian Surgery - scientific medical quarterly journal
Litnet - Lithuanian Academic Network
LSPI - construction design and consulting
Ministry of Education and Science
National Contest of Young Scientists
NGS - business and management trainings
Nordic-Baltic Industrial Heritage Platform
Nordic Training International
Opportunity Development Institute - business management consulting
Pajauta - organization of experimental archaeology
Park of Agricultural Science and Technologies
Rachel - environmental health impact assessment
Regional Innovation Management Center
Science Management Centre
Specialized Demonstrational Training Center
State research institutions in Lithuania
Taurage Industrial Park
Technopolis - science and technologies park in Kaunas
UNESCO in Lithuania
Visoriai Information Technology Park
TNC 2010 - Terena networking research conference in Vilnius, 31 May - 3 June

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